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While having a conversation with my brother we started discussing  on *struggle*.

Such a small word but with such deep meaning. And while we were at it the main question which arose was “ARE THE STRUGGLES  EVEN BEING PAID BACK EVERYTIME” and it made me think that we are always provided with the rule book the procedures of do’s and dont’s in life but still we do struggle in choices and  actions. But first ask yourself is it even worth it? If yes then do whatever it takes you and don’t care about the people. 

Sometimes things may go wrong becuase of which some struggles which are left unspoken , and some are miserably left aside. But the truth is if it makes you happy and  if you had  faith in yourself and god, each and every action will be awarded for in this life may be directly or sometimes indirectly. But all you have to do is believe in yourself, seek to it and  you will get all you deserve in your life because at the end it is only you who made it possible for yourself.


I have a small world confined with the people who love me the most, amidst happiness, care and love. But then arives my evil twin the overthinker mind who never let’s it be simple; thinking about a total stranger to loved one, creating situations making me not wanting my own skin, admiring those ugly hearts feeling intimadated by your lovers. The fear of closing eyes and not sleeping takes us to another level. Continuously  shaking leg while sitting. Never going to shopping alone because fear of buying something and become a piece of public  laughter. Fantasizing a heroic act done  by oneself and being praised and admired by everyone. Predicting what others doesnt like about you and trying to improve yourself even if it’s not true. The obsessive mind thinking of answers even though when nobody questioned us. Calculation of each nano second stare we get. Spacing out in gatherings. Being  the unfortunate one’s.

This is a message to all those people who keep questioning; why are there bags under our eyes? why we are so addicted to our smarphones? why we are impulsive in our actions and words? Why sometimes logic doesn’t work for us and why we are slow in decision making?